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Explore the potential of different exhibitions. Know your options.

At OV Consult, we listen to you and your company's needs. We are experienced in finding clever solutions regardless of budget. Whether it is successful lead creation or brand recognition you need, let us know.  

Make clear choices for your company's needs.

 Take the first step to reach your target audience. We connect you to different events around the world and ensure you get the best possible customer service and deals.With endless virtual and live options the modern exhibition world offers, we can create the best bundle for your needs, so you make clearer choices for your company's goals.



Plan your show experience. Maximize your exposure. Never miss a deadline.

OV Consult understands how stressful the run-up to a show can be, and supports you to plan your pre-show, so you always know how to maximise your exposure and keep up with deadlines. 



Get aid from build-up to break down. 

Enjoy the ease of having a familiar face onsite to assist you with last minute needs, so you can solely focus on your exhibition goals.  



We help you tie any lose ends after exhibition.

Post shows can be complicated. Chasing paperwork can be tricky and might cost you time and money. OV Consult assists you even after the exhibition and helps you get prepared for the next show cycle.



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"Don't wait for the right opportunity. Create it"

 George Bernard Shaw

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